Our FAV recipe of the month!

‎… Here at Fitstyle we LOVE pancakes.

I love how versatile pancakes are by adding delicious toppings of your choice. I enjoy their fluffy delicious texture and how they go with everything I love, strawberries, blueberries, honey, chocolate… *yum*

Unfortunately due to my sensitive stomach, pancakes make me ill.

Can you imagine the disappointment I felt going to the amazing scrumptious pancake manor in Sydney with a large group of friends while I watched them eat all these fantastic delicious pancakes… while I sat there with my salad. The horror.

Recently I met this amazing man who taught me the best and easiest recipe I’ve ever been shown.

And best of all? … I can eat these pancakes, I can eat as many of these bad boys as I want and not feel sick or even guilty for doing so!!!

And all you need is two Ingredients.

Safe to say I’m going to keep this man in my life…


I’m going to share this recipe with you, maybe you’ve tried it before, maybe you’re about to… if so, feel free to leave a comment telling us your favorite toppings! We’d love to hear from you!

All you need is… 2 eggs & 1 banana. Yes, I know (sounds too easy & good to be true) … smoosh these two ingredients together and cook in a fry pan as you would with “normal” pancakes & will have yourself one delicious nutritious healthy pancake!







Pre-heat non-stick fry pan on low-medium heat. (Please be careful not to burn yourself!)

Spray pan with a little coconut oil spray or add half a teaspoon of butter to avoid pancakes sticking if your pan is not non-stick.

Peel banana & throw away the skin (Not needed).

Smoosh banana into a bowl until it is well smooshed!

Crack two eggs into the bowl & mix with the banana, until well blended.

Add half the mixture to the fry pan and cook for approx 2-4 mins approx on each side (keep an on them small bubbles will appear and that’s when you know to flip it over!)

Cook on both sides until light golden brown.

Serve and add toppings of your choice!

(Our favorite is a little honey, strawberries & blueberries).

…Don’t forget to turn the stove off.

And viola, there you have 2 ingredient healthy pancakes…


<3 xx

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